The ethics of social change in arts programmes, the ethics of grantmaking, the ethics of evaluation, and also some unethical stuff.
Too little culture in international development cooperation, too many dilemmas in fair international collaboration, and the beauty of speculative flash…
Thoughts on green authoritarian cultural policies, arts-based evaluation methods, and insect protein shakes.
Africa's creative economy moment, an indigenous data analysis framework, and the power of making money a community issue.
Why the SDGs need a proper culture goal (or not), open government for arts and culture, and steps for consensus-driven CCI support.
Cultural relations between the fragile and the fragmented, a tale of cultural custodianship, and the innovation dilemma.
Learning partnerships and the nonprofit hunger games, organisational innovation in the artisan economy, and some personal news.
Non-linear arts management, measuring assimilation, and celebrating the small wins of participatory cultural governance
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